Window Cleaning


Although window blinds don’t get stained or dirty as often as curtains and drapes they still require a fair share of cleaning. Most cleaning experts advise people to clean their blinds at least once every ten days. There are several ways to clean window blinds and we have listed down some of the most efficient.


1: The first window blinds cleaning methods that we will present to you is known as the Clean Hands Method and is one of the simplest and yet most efficient ways to clean window blinds. Start by placing your blinds in their shut position and then put on one of your hands a soft cotton glove or a dust-attractant glove. If you don’t own such gloves you can purchase either one of them from any supermarket. Make sure that the glove is complete dry, because a damp glove will leave moisture streaks on your blinds. Now run your fingers lightly over the blind slats to pick all the dust that they have accumulated. Always run your fingers in a horizontal direction. When you are done with one side of the blinds, open them and shut them in the opposite way. Once again run your fingers through the slats to pick up the dust. When your glove gets too dirty, don’t waste time into washing it, simply put on the other glove from the pair.

Window Cleaning2: The second method is called the Vacuum Cleaning Method and is as simple as the previous one. Commence by closing your blinds. Then get your vacuum cleaner and affix the soft duster brush attachment to the nozzle. If you don’t have a soft duster brush attachment then don’t use this method because using the nozzle alone will suck the slats and damage them. Now hold the back of the blinds with one hand and run the vacuum through your blinds. Once again work either from left to right or from right to left. When done turn the blinds to their opposite side and repeat the procedure.

3: The Sunny Method is also a simple blind cleaning method but requires a sunny day. Take a bucket and fill it warm water. Add to the water ¼ cup of dish detergent. Pour your cleaning solution in a spray bottle and spray your blinds with it. Open your windows and allow the sprayed side to dry under the sun before your turn the blinds and spray the other side.