You can prevent spreading dirt and bacteria in your home very easily. Just stop doing the following things and you will enjoy a cleaner home.

– Don’t use a feather duster

Feather dusters spread dust and bacteria around your home in no time. They don’t remove any dirt at all rather than transfer it.

Replace your feather duster with a microfiber cloth which will actually clean everything and you can easily throw it in the washing machine and prepare it for the next use without actually worrying that you will spread dust.

– Clean your sink on a daily basis

Sinks are known for being a breeding ground for germs. The environment is perfect – moist, with food particles that are stuck.

You should wipe the sink after every time you use it.

– You should always clean from the ground-up

When you think about it, if you clean the floor before you dust any other surface then all of the dirt will fall onto the floor you just cleaned and will make the whole process kind of pointless.

You should always clean from the top and then continue cleaning down.

– When you use a cleaner, spray it on the cloth

Spraying a cleaning solution right onto the surface will cause it to build-up leaving grease and windows that are streaky.

Always spray the cleaner on the cloth (or whatever you use to clean) and then wipe the surface.

– Don’t clean cutting boards with dish soap

You might think that cleaning your cutting board with soap and water does a lot but it will actually help all of the bacteria breed. All of the little cuts on the board have trapped microscopic food particles and germs love this. Then everything transfers to the next thing you cut.

Soak the cutting board in hydrogen peroxide (or you can use a homemade solution with 2 tablespoons of bleach and water). Then rinse the board and you are done.