The white spots on your nails are a condition called leukonychia. It’s very common and it’s harmless – do there’s nothing to worry about. It’s not a serious dangerous medical condition and it can easily be cured.

They come in all forms – small dots across the nail or larger ones that spread across the entire nail.

There are a couple of causes like an allergic reaction to something, nail injury or mineral deficiency. The last one, in my opinion, is the most common reason.

  • The allergic reaction

It can be caused by a lot of things – for example, nail polish or nail polish remover. If you have acrylic or gel nails it can still cause an allergic reaction. What to do in this case? Stop using the nail polish or the nail polish remover you think might be causing the reaction and see with time if they disappear.

  • The injury

If you injured your nail it can be the cause of the white dots as it glows. You might not even remember the injury because of the time the nail needs in order to grow. For example, you could have shut your fingers in the door, hit them somewhere, etc. Over time, when the nail grows, even more, these white dots, will disappear.

  • Mineral deficiency

The body needs certain minerals or vitamins in order to maintain healthy strong nails. If you lack some of them these white spots can appear. The most common vitamins or minerals that people lack are zinc and calcium. You can easily fix this by packing your diet with foods rich in zinc and calcium.

There are more reasons you might have white dots on your nails but they aren’t as common. Some include pneumonia, kidney failure, heart disease, arsenic poisoning. They are very rare so don’t worry.