Home CleaningModern families barely have time for themselves so what’s left for home cleaning? Much like cooking or ironing there are now many professional companies that can do it for you. But if you can’t afford them or feel like you can manage to keep your house clean yourself, then fine – but let us give you a few quick pointers. It is not only how you clean your house but what you clean.

All the options that you have

You should look to buy things that are not hard to clean and maintain and that are ones that will not get destroyed or worn if they get a little dirty. In that sense getting a carpet might be a risky campaign but if you manage to keep it sanitised then it’s an excellent option. Cleaning your carpet will require patience and care. If you are to dry clean it you should carefully apply detergents or dry compound and then wipe everything off accompanied by a session with the vacuum cleaner.

If you opt for a hard floor or a wooden floor then you will have an easier time but you need to make sure the floor is never too wet as people might start slipping and falling.

Don’t forget to swipe the dust from almost everything in your house. You won’t believe the places where dust gets accumulated. Go behind your TV, under the bed or even behind the large wardrobe. Saving yourself from dust is never an easy task but is one that should be tackled regularly. Use the appropriate towels or rags for that purpose and don’t go for tools or supplies that simply brush off dust and send it into the breathing space. Try something that will suck it in and keep it. That being said, when using your vacuum cleaner, go crazy with it. Use all the attachments that it has and sometimes even go without an attachment and use just the tube for those tight spots or corners.

Quick tips regarding specific areas

Clean your appliances. Ovens and fridges get dirty and that’s what you least want. These machines store and prepare your food – you need them squeaky clean. There are special solutions just for the kitchen and you should buy some of them. Use only stuff that is non-toxic and will not harm you or your family. When cleaning your oven pay attention to the grill, the back side and the door. With fridges you might have to take out some parts of it and clean them separately. Also think about:

  • The cabinets
  • The floor
  • The windows
  • Other appliances

As far as garages, attics and basements go just try not to store things that are left there for years. You risk letting bacteria and other pests to show up and then cleaning up or saving the good in question will be a big problem. Try to keep every room in your house intact and you won’t have problems. If you spend a little time every week, it will pay off significantly.