Ink Stains CleaningInk stains and spots are a normal part of life, sometimes it is a pen that’s the culprit, other times it is the printer ink cartridge that’s in violation. No matter what the source of the ink stain, quick and adequate reaction is essential for complete removal. Certain types of ink contain organic or chemical dyes which are very strong, this also makes them nearly impossible to remove, so keep in mind that in some cases ink staining is permanent. Having said this, you can just call Carpet Cleaning Hampstead and they can take care of it all or if you want to do it yourself here are some effective ways to deal with non-specific ink stains on surfaces and fabrics:

  • Corn starch

If there are ink stains on your carpet, either natural fibre or synthetic, you should be able to get rid of those quite easily by treating the stained area with a pasty mixture of corn starch and milk; apply the paste generously over the affected spot and let it air dry for as long as necessary; when dry you have to brush off the concoction using a hard bristle brush; vacuum the rest of the mess and check if you need to repeat again;

  • Milk

Milk is also quite effective in removing ink stains on its own particularly from fabrics and clothing; soak the stained piece of clothing or fabric as soon as possible in milk; leave the item to soak overnight and the ink should be diluted in about twenty four hour tops; afterwards wash the item as per laundry instructions on the tag.

  • Table salt

Stains CleaningTable salt is quite effective in lifting fresh ink stains from certain surfaces like laminate for instance; pour a generous amount of table salt over the still wet ink stain; gently dab at the stain using a paper towel; eventually brush off the leftover salt using a soft bristled brush; repeat the process if necessary.

  • Tartar

Tartar sauce is quite effective in removing pen ink from fabrics; if a pen has burst in your shirt pocket treat the stain as soon as possible with a mixture of cream of tartar and lemon juice; apply the cream generously over the affected area and leave it there for about four hours; eventually wash the item as you normally would.

  • Hair spray

Hair spray will work well when you want to remove pen ink from fabrics and garments; for best results treat the stain while still wet if possible; spray a generous amount of any old hairspray over the stain and the ink should come off quite easily.