I know that you are using your computer all the time. This means that you often eat and drink next to it and sometimes you make a huge mess. If you have decided that it’s time to give your keyboard a proper clean – and I don’t mean simply wiping it with a cloth and some all-purpose cleaner but actually reaching under the keys then you are going to love this article because I will show you how to perform this cleaning step by step and avoid any risks of damage.

How to Properly Deep Clean a Keyboard?

Of course, before we get started, we have to prepare all of the cleaning supplies we will need which include rubbing alcohol, Q-tips, dish soap, water, a bowl, a key, a microfiber cloth, a towel, and your vacuum cleaner.

Then shut down your computer, unplug the keyboard, and shake it off so any debris falls out such as chip crumbs. Keep in mind that if your keyboard is wireless you should remove the batteries before you continue with the cleaning.

Now it’s time to remove the keys, however, I recommend you take a picture of your keyboard before you do so because otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to properly place them back in the right place.

Once you take a picture, use a key to remove the keys, however, focus on the small ones and don’t touch the larger keys such as the spacebar, enter, and shift keys.

Gather all the keys you removed and place them in a bowl filled with warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Wait a few hours then take them out of the water, dry them with a microfiber cloth and place them on a towel so they can air-dry completely.

While you wait for the keys to soak in the soapy water, use your vacuum cleaner then dampen the Q-tips you prepared in rubbing alcohol and cover the keyboard. But be careful and do not use too much liquid because you don’t want to saturate the keyboard – like I said, just dampen the Q-tips slightly.

And then once everything is clean and completely dry, put the keys back in place.