Do you want to start using more natural ingredients when cleaning your home? Do you want to ditch all of those harsh detergents that you usually buy from the store because they are packed with harmful ingredients? Do you want to learn how to clean your hardwood floors with vinegar? Well, this is just the right article for you!

I have always loved using natural ingredients when cleaning because I have strong allergies that get triggered by almost every cleaner I buy.

How To Clean Your Hardwood Floors With Vinegar?

I always start off with vacuuming the floors first. That way you get rid of all dust and impurities so before you mop them you have already removed most of the dirt.

Then I grab a large bucket and add half a cup of vinegar then I fill the rest of the bucket with warm water. Do not use hot water because it can be damaging to the floor. We also don’t want to use too much vinegar because that can also cause damage – after all, vinegar is acidic. And because I want my cleaner to smell nice, I also add a few drops of lavender essential oil (it also has antibacterial properties)!

And then I just grab my mop and start cleaning the floor. Once you are done, you don’t have to go over again with just water – there is no need to remove the vinegar, it will evaporate anyway. Plus, if you use essential oils, there won’t be any bad smells behind.

And that is how I replace the commercial cleaners – with just vinegar. It’s just as effective, however, it’s so much cheaper plus it isn’t a threat to all of us with allergies!

I clean my floors once a week, however, once every two days I make sure to vacuum.