If you have tile floors in your home then you are probably curious about how to properly clean them so they look spotless at all times. Thankfully, tile floors are easy to clean and they aren’t capricious at all nor are there any ingredients you should avoid using because they might damage the floors.

But there are still some tips and tricks which will make cleaning them a lot easier – and I intend on sharing them with you today!

How To Clean Your Tile Floors?

– Sweep Every Day

In order to maintain your tile floors spotless at all times then it’s important to sweep them once a day. That way the dirt and dust will be removed.

– Use A Damp Mop

The best way to clean tile floors is by using a damp mop. You can use a specific commercial cleaner or just soapy water with a bit of vinegar in it. If you have pets then I would recommend the second option since it’s safe and does not contain any harsh chemicals.

– Deep Clean Them Once A Month

Similar to everything else in your home, your tile floors need to be deep cleaned every once in a while. I recommend using oxygen bleach when it’s time for the deep clean (use a scrub brush to remove all the impurities). Always make sure to “rinse” the floor after using such powerful detergent like oxygen bleach.

– Don’t Let The Tile Floor Air-Dry

It doesn’t matter what detergent you used to clean your tile floor – you shouldn’t let them air dry because water spots will be created especially if the water you used contained heavy mineral deposits.

This is why you need to dry the floors with a cloth or a dry mop after you have finished cleaning them.