Very few people love cleaning and that is a fact, however, everyone is doing their best to fit their endless cleaning chores in their schedule.

But what if you could make your cleaning list a lot smaller by taking a couple of things out. The most important things you need to be doing on a regular basis are dusting, cleaning the floors, vacuuming, doing your laundry, and washing the dishes. Everything else can wait and doesn’t need to be done as often as you might think.

– Cleaning inside drawers

This is extremely time-consuming but thankfully, you don’t need to be doing it often. You only need to clean inside drawers whenever you are decluttering.

– Cleaning bookshelves

You don’t need to dust the bookshelves every time you actually dust your home. I have a very busy schedule, therefore, I only fit the most important cleaning chores. Of course, dusting is very crucial but specifically, bookshelves are not on top of the list.

– Cleaning upholstery

Usually, deep cleaning your upholstery is recommended to be two or three times a year. Which is why thing cleaning chore doesn’t need to be your priority as long as you do it properly a few times a year.

– Cleaning your balcony

I remember when I was little that my mom was obsessed with cleaning the balcony. I mean, she still is.

She used to clean it twice a week regardless of the season. I also know a lot of people that have included cleaning the floors of their balcony as an important chore that needs to be done a few times a week.

But guess what – no matter how often you clean it it is still going to be dirty. I know you want to have it as clean as the inside of your home but that is practically impossible. That is why you should stop wasting your time.